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Pierino Frozen Foods Achieves SQF (Safe Quality Food Institute) Certification

SQF Certification Demonstrates Pierino’s Continuing Commitment To Excellence

Pierino Frozen Foods is pleased to announce that it has attained SQF Certification, indicating the company’s complete compliance with all of the applicable requirements for the designation. SQF, or “Safe Quality Food,” certification is awarded to food production firms and facilities that meet rigorous international standards to ensure that food products are safe and contaminant-free.

The SQF certification is bestowed by the Safe Quality Food Institute, an international organization committed to developing and implementing assessment tools that ensure that food is produced to the highest level of quality and safety within participating companies.

Pierino’s achievement of the SQF Certification places it among an exclusive group of leading regional, national, and international manufacturers committed to the highest quality standards for their products. The Certification provides both wholesale buyers and retail consumers with the assurance that the Pierino products they purchase are produced in accordance with some of the most rigorous standards, the best practices, and the most thorough quality control practices within the industry.

Currently, Pierino Frozen Foods holds a Level 2 SQF Certification. Following a period of successful maintenance of Level 2 standards, the company expects to achieve Level 3 certification.

Why SQF Certification Matters

The safety of the food supply is of paramount importance to all participants in the food delivery process – not least of all consumers. A variety of industry standards and governmental regulations set the benchmarks for appraising the safety of products and production facilities. SQF Certification indicates adherence to some of the strictest standards in existence, as SQF regulations are considerably more stringent than even those of the USDA and FDA. In addition, SQF Certification is certification recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), an industry-led global platform for the advancement of international food safety.

SQF Certification: Our Continuing Commitment To Quality

SQF Certification is only the latest in an ongoing series of Pierino’s initiatives to ensure the absolute wholesomeness and safety of its diverse range of pasta and related products. In addition to the SQF designation, the company also has attained the following certifications:

USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) - The company is USDA certified, having passed all applicable USDA benchmarks for food handling, preparation, storage, and shipment. An on-site USDA inspector ensures the integrity of Pierino Frozen Foods operations and products on a daily basis.

FDA (Food and Drug Administration) – The company has achieved all FDA benchmarks and is FDA certified.

HAACP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) – The company is HAACP certified, having attained this FDA-governed designation through strict attention to all possible points of risk and implementation of necessary safeguards to prevent contamination.

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For decades, the name Pierino Frozen Foods has been synonymous with the highest-quality pasta products available in both the commercial and retail markets. Pierino Frozen Foods strives to provide its customers with the highest quality, best-tasting pasta products possible. We welcome any questions or inquiries. Please use the contact form below for further information about our company, our products, or our food safety practices and certifications.

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